January Trip to Salem, VA

This weekend Kay and I took a drive out to Salem, Virginia to visit Kay’s son Chris for his birthday. For this trip we decided the Santa Fe would be the best choice as we need the extra room for passengers when in Roanoke and due to the possibility of snow on Saturday evening and Sunday. So Cinnamon our beloved roadster is stayed home safely parked in the driveway this time.

Friday – January 27, 2012

For the trip out we decided to take a more scenic route instead of I-64 to I-81 and took route 460 through Wakland, Virginia and stopped at Virginia Diner for lunch before continuing on to Roanoke, VA. Along the way we could not resist the train museum in Crew, Virginia. It was definitely worth a few minutes to look at the old trains. The hotel we selected, Holiday Inn on the edge of town, had decent reviews and was reasonable.

After checking in on Friday afternoon we unloaded the Santa Fe and carried our luggage up to the room. The room was nice and clean and the hotel staff was friendly. Kay and I then met up with Chris and Dana outside of Chris’ workplace. Chris then showed us around and introduced us to his manager and bosses and showed us the cubical where he sits at work. Afterwards we followed Chris and Dana to their new apartment in Salem which was only a few miles away. Their new place is a big improvement from their previous place a few miles down the road in Roanoke. After a quick stop we proceeded to go to Red Lobster and which had a long wait and instead decided to leave and ended up at Applebee’s. The food finally came out correctly after the fourth attempt. Apparently they had a new cook on the grill and it was the cooks first night cooking. I will have to say that the manager and staff were very apologetic and set things straight. After diner we were all tired and decided to call it an evening. We dropped Chris and Dana off and headed back to the hotel for a good nights rest. After arriving back at the hotel Kay and I decided to go for a swim and relax a little. The pool was nice and the water in the hot tub was nice and hot although the towels at the pool were a bit scratchy.

Saturday – January 28, 2012

Kay and I met up with Chris and Dana at their apartment and decided to eat at a little diner down the road from them. Breakfast was okay but nothing to write home about. We then headed out to the Roanoke Star monument at the top of Mill Mountain in Roanoke. The views from Mill Mountain were nice and we were able to overlook all of Roanoke and even see Dana’s office building off in the far distance. We took a few pictures and then took a walk to the park office only to find that is was currently closed. We then decided that we would go to down town Roanoke and walk along the shops. We had a nice time looking in the various shops and boutiques I found a interesting wall plaque that fits my dad to a T that reads:

Motto To Live By :

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave

with the intention of arriving safely in an

attractive and well preserved body,

but rather to skid in sideways, body

thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and

Screeming, “WOO HOO, what a ride!”

Kay and I also liked the following phrase we found on another wall plaque that read:

The South

\the `sau’th\, noun

The Place Where…, 1 ) Tea is sweet and accents are sweeter, 2 ) Summer starts in April.

3 ) Macaroni and Cheese is a vegetable, 4 ) Front porches are wide and words are long.

5 ) Pecan pie is a staple, 6 ) Y’all is the only proper noun, 7 ) Chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy.

8 ) Everything is Darlin’, 9 ) Someone’s heart is always being blessed.

After our trip to down town we went by a few stores and found a nice electric razor for Chris was and a couple of house warming gifts for Chris’ and Dana’s new apartment. We then headed back to the hotel and spent some time down at the pool until diner time. For diner Kay and I took Chris and Dana to Stephens Restaurant in Roanoke. Diner was nice but Kay and I both felt that the food was not up to par for the prices. Regardless we enjoyed spending time with Chris and Dana and headed back to their apartment afterwards for an hour or two to take some pictures, relax a bit, and finally say our goodbyes as Kay and I would be leaving early the next morning to head back to Norfolk, Virginia. After arriving back at the hotel Kay took a nice hot bath and I relaxed and watched some television until bedtime.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

We woke up a little later than planned but felt rested as Kay and I  got dressed and packed up our items fro the return trip home. We then decided to have breakfast downstairs at the hotel instead of stopping along the way. Breakfast was decent, better than expected and I would say better than the diner we had breakfast at on Saturday morning. The waitress was a darlin and Kay and I enjoyed our conversation with her. After finishing breakfast it was time to hit the road and head home back to Hampton Roads and our two little pup’s Coco and Chico who were patiently waiting on the back of the couch looking out the window just as we had left them on Friday morning.

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